For Bob, it's hard to remember a time when photography wasn’t in his life. "Dad always had a camera in his hand. Between him and his two brothers, they shot everything. Black and white, color, portraits, weddings, church didn't matter. If it had to do with photography, it was part of the family."
Bob says, “Out-of-date cameras became my earliest toys, but soon I became frustrated that I couldn't find the photographs inside when I opened them up. I wanted to 'make pictures like my Daddy'. So, empty ‘toy’ cameras gave way to cameras for learning - light, exposure, composition, expression and art. I got my first ‘real’ camera one year for Easter (a Canon AT-1) and my world changed forever.”

Sharon often had a camera in hand as a girl, too. She would pose her dolls and stuffed animals to take "family portraits" in her bedroom. When packing for a family trip, she would always make sure to include her small instamatic to capture memories of the journey. Rolls of film tucked inside her stocking were a special favorite each Christmas. As she grew older, Sharon caught the "scrapbooking" bug and spent entire weekends holed up with girlfriends, cutting photos and arranging them into memory books with clever captions and fancy embellishments. Anytime someone in the family is going away on vacation, Sharon is always the one to remind them: "Please take plenty of photos so I can relive your travels when you get back!"

Today, photography is a family affair for the Tankersleys. We love helping others preserve life's precious moments. When families begin with a wedding, as they bloom and grow with new additions, when young children mature into young adults and mark milestones like graduation and beyond... at Lovebound Studio we are humbled and honored when we are allowed to come alongside families and to visually document them, wherever they are in their journey!

Bob & Sharon Tankersley
April 2011

(Photo by LaRessie ann Photography)